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Ozone, how charged Oxygen acts as nature鈥檚 cleanser!
Today diseases suffered are mostly due to an over whelming breakdown of immune system, due to this human body is subjected to cancer, chronic fatigue and vast number of degenerative diseases.

It is clear that main crisis that both humans and earth are suffering is a lack of oxygen due to severe toxic waste overload.

Aging and diseases of aging ( all chronic lifestyle diseases) are caused primarily by decreased oxygen utilization. This decrease leads to the excessive free radical production that results in degenerative diseases. Decrease oxygen utilization is caused by mitochondrial factors, such as heavy metal toxicity Andrew McCutchen Phillies Jersey , prescription drugs , excessive sugar in the diet etc鈥?.

Decreased oxygen utilization exerts its effects by causing a decrease in the NADNADH ratio and reduced ATP production, and diverts metabolism more towards non oxygen dependent aerobic pathway which is the most common underlying cause of cancer.

Ozone therapy is effective for many diseases because it normalizes this ratio.

Ozone is a powerful oxidant which oxidizes and as a result burns up pollutants, due to our current polluted environment there is lack of Ozone in the atmosphere. Achieve oxidation naturally Intravenous Ozone therapy works beautifully!

Ozone is proven to act as a broad spectrum treatment by its virtue of being able to :

Bactericidal, Fungicidal and kills viruses.
It supports healthy Immune system
It acts as an anti inflammatory agent
It supports healthy circulation
Intra venous Ozone can be used for treating the following medical conditions successfully

Alzheimer鈥檚 disease
Chronic pain
Chronic fatigue syndrome
Chronic pulmonary disease
Dengue fever
Multiple sclerosis
Heart disease
Lyme disease
Parkinson鈥檚 disease
Pelvic inflammatory disease
Prostate hypertrophy
Rheumatoid arthritis
To summarize Rhys Hoskins Phillies Jersey , Ozone supplementation helps us produce the needed Ozone as well as Hydrogen peroxide, which we no longer receive in the right amounts from our environment , our body produces its own O3 and H2O2,but the amount is simply inadequate to throw off all the heavy metal pollution and lack of oxygen that we are forced to suffer.

This, coupled with our highly processed J. T. Realmuto Phillies Jersey , high in chemicals, fast food that human body is not designed to process,has turned us into walking talking distilleries of diseases .

Most cancers thrive on sugars creating a fermented oxygen deprived environment , if you flood cancer cells with oxygen and remove sugar which is their food they simply die.

Ozone is natures source of oxygen and its time we start taking care of our precious ozone blanket before we turned into pickled fungus, which is already happening as is evident in the rampant cases of candidiasis in India!

We in India are facing a sudden spurt of all chronic diseases related to infectious overgrowth of yeast Maikel Franco Phillies Jersey , fungus,bacteria due to diet rich in sugar and processed foods.

Dr Kalpana Shekhawat-M.D.

Functional Medicine Specialist

Please find us at :

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