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The brook gave up the Pentium, and it became a vast and boundless sea; Plum gave up the spring, and only had the pride of Ao Xue; my growth, because of giving up and wonderful. The dissolved moonlight, the long river, the "long hair" sly sly, the cold ancient robe, the Chinese painting's elegant and feminine brushwork attracted me, I asked my mother to let me learn to paint. But my mother thinks that it is almost time to take the final exam, and learning to paint will waste time. I hesitated, standing next to the National Studio of the Children's Palace, in front of me, is an antique Chinese painting. The scenery of the early autumn season, the autumn waters are vast and the trees are stunned. The pictures of poetry and the quiet brushwork make the beautiful scenery of autumn fascinating. The scenery in the painting is beautiful, and it is full of enthusiasm, and the pine stone is quite beautiful. With the clear brushwork and simple artistic conception, the vast landscape of the south of the Yangtze River is vividly displayed. The beauty of Chinese painting made me intoxicated, but near the end of the period, the task of learning was more arduous. Where is the time? I reluctantly returned home with my mother, and the beauty of the landscape painting appeared all over the place. I thought again and again in my heart. Going to the desk, I picked up the papers and wrote homework, but I couldn��t calm down. I decided to go out and take a walk mokingusacigarettes.com. Coming to the square, a group of children are playing. One of the children was thirsty, took the mother's hand and came to a small shop next to the square. When they wanted to buy water, the child saw the sausage in the counter oven. The child looks at her mother and wants her mother to buy it. But my mother did not bring enough money. Children need to choose: is it the water that can quench their thirst, or is it a fragrant ham? The child thought about it Marlboro Lights, hesitated, and chose water. When the mother unscrewed the water bottle cap, the child smiled. The child was very thirsty. At the moment when the bottle cap was unscrewed, he found that what he needed was water that could quench his thirst. I suddenly understood something, stood up and walked home. What I needed now was not to learn painting, but to take more time to go to the final exam. Learning to draw, there are opportunities in the future, why must we now. Thinking of this, I decided to give up studying painting, try hard to review, and take the exam. Abandoning the happiness that is being enjoyed and insisting on the pain that is unwilling to accept is a test of life. Since ancient times, people have thought that it is a kind of virtue to be aggressive, and it is a virtue to be brave. But when appropriate, giving up is also a kind of beauty full of wisdom Newport 100S. Lu Xun abandoned the text from the doctor, he pursued the spirit of medicine. As a result, Lu Xun��s lofty quality of ��cross-browed and cold-shouldered, and bowed to the scorpion cow�� was respected by generation after generation. On the Titanic, at the dangerous moment of overturning, the gentleman chose to give up his life and save women and children. This abandonment is a sublime beauty. Giving up is an option. Walking at the crossroads of life, you must learn to give up the path that is not suitable for you. We will only have the belief to win if we give up the heavy burden in the predicament. Giving up what we have to give up is even more important than possession. However, irrational abandonment is a waste and an obsession, and it is also a violation of life and irresponsibility for life. Giving up is a kind of learning, and you need to know how to give up. Some people always give up easily and should not give up, but stubbornly insist that they should not insist. Therefore, the beautiful face of youth will pass by the years, such as the wind over the bamboo surface, the geese over the sky, in the end, nothing. Abandoning is not only a way of returning from the traversal, but also a way to re-enter the journey. It is a road to deep reflection on the past and a road to the future. Learn to give up. Giving up is a kind of wisdom and beauty.
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That was wonderful to read! I am glad you acknowledged the power hidden in you. Sometimes years of our life past in trying for something which is actually not made for us and now top essay writing services uk is really helpful for students. In such circumstances one should give up and identify smartly what is good for him and what is bad.

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keep itup

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RE: The brook gave

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RE: The brook gave

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RE: The brook gave

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RE: The brook gave

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