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"Okay.I begin to do now."The middle age man nods to say, then pushes door to leave.
"Daddy, he who?"Rich brocade king keeps white ground to ask a way.Talk with own Lao Tze, he also has no a necessity to pack cultured.
"Branch ground a manager is just.How?Today how free run to me to come here?"Wang Hou Hua sits back to ownly transact chair up, one lookinging at of face kindly his/her own son.
"Have no matter son.Be come to say a voice for you, I was some matter sons, didn't return to have a meal in the evening."Rich brocade king says.
" This matter son?Make a telephone call not to become."Wang Hou Hua says with a smile.
Rich brocade king originally still thinks that the circumstance that face he or she tells a father, it lets he the help analyze analytical.But want, or feel that alone the oneself processing will be better.Say:"At the right moment I want to go upstairs to go to, conveniently.Like, I occupied to walk first."
"Etc.."Wang Hou Hua shouts a way in the behind."Recently a period of time always all the business son in busy company.Your businesses didn't attend to last concern.Does the relationship with Tang Guo have progress?"
The smiling face with self-confident look of rich brocade king, towards father Yang a few data in the Yang hand, say:"Stop worrying.Is very quick and then will getting along."
Looking at son's male to correct to in high spirits come out office, the one face of Wang Hou Hua smiles an idea.
"Son, if you can not is successful by yourself, I will push you in the behind a ."
Rich brocade king learned cleverness this time, didn't directly rush the 15th floors, so will drive the bodyguard of Tang Guo and the secretaries of chief executive officer's room to block down.Didn't evened make a phone call to invite Tang Guo to enter dinner totally in the past, so do of unique result be tomorrow go to work of time, the chief executive officer did a ground of secretary to visit relatives from delivered one to punish list.
He went to the underground car field of the Tang's mansion.Because he knows.No matter Tang in case what avoid him, as long as he comes downstairs and always want a car field to drive.
Took a look form, also have for 15 minutes to get off work.Always not the ability loiter about here, entered Anne to protect a department, sought a position that closes to window way to sit down.As long as Tang Guo is from her appropriation elevator in come out.He can immediately see, then try to catch up with and give° the despicable facial expression of leaf autumn to in public expose.
Tang Guo so proudly woman, will tolerate man and other woman's ambiguity that oneself likes?
Can't.Absolutely can't.
Rich brocade king sat in a short while and felt what's wrong and vigorously son.
Sweep 1 turn, just think to be understand, oneself originally came, Anne protects the supervisors of department to all unexpectedly love to manage to ignore of, have no a person to come over to say "hello" not to say, even connect glass water all no one to deliver.Disregard.Nakedly slight.
Hum.Wait and wait until the Tang's group to fall into a my hand up of that day of, you these leaf the autumn promote to come up of small, all prepare to go home a kind of ground to go.
"Director.We really don't go and Wang Fu assistant dozen does the voice receive?"Huang Ying Zhan at Lyu Biao after death, in the mind some Tan Tes ask a way.After all, that man ground the father is two handle knobs of group.Decide they these livinging of people's prospects kill big power.
"Do not go.This is to go to work time.Like a work."Lyu Biao swept one eye rich brocade king.Saying of Weng voice Weng spirit.When the autumn of the leaf at the beginning was Anne to protect a landlord to allow, he was a confident of leaf autumn.Who and leaf the autumn relate to like.Who and leaf the autumn relate to not good, his heart knows a belly clearly.
His this person is a rectum son.Who to his lord son okay.He to who good.Other people to his lord son not well, he also not take a reason.
Isn't this body skin.Greatly not took off to move brick to the workplace.Can be a person's ground principle can not throw down.
Let him toward the person whom he dislikes puts in a good word to smile apologetically, he ground the face will twitch.
"That----Want to pour glass water to send over there?"Huang Ying Wen's way.
"Do not send.He didn't grow a hand by himself, can't wanting to drink water pour by himself/herself?How?Like to pour water?I didn't make you once pour water?If you want to pour, that later I ground water is poured by you."Lyu Biao stared Huang Ying Yi's eye and wished, this woman was also a leaf director at the beginning at of time get heavy use ground, how leaf's director on walking, does her person have some variety?
The person walks the tea is cool, regardless is all of a market or officialdoms are such.

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