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The nobody wish does to substitute to repair
Can I am willing to pay
Love and then prepare to bear suffering
I have already all offer up
The Ran wears deep madrigal of ear wheat to sing winter night, although is a bitter madrigal, Ran the winter night but one face singing is happy.Lin Xi's shutting eyes is following a light tone to hum to sing, the hands beat beat on the thigh, if the Ran sings winter night he is satisfied with very much of place, he will heavily clap a leg.
"Teacher Lin how feels?"The Ran puts down the ear wheat winter night, a face smiles Lin Xi of looking the other way of idea.Although she has been enough by herself of make great effort, and the ego feels also quite good.Can sing this kind of thing isn't diligent and then can appear a good work.Lin Xi reads a song innumerable, his opinion to Ran winter night say very of importance.
"It is quite good.It is very quite good."Lin Xi claps and use him nonstandard China language praise way."Winter son, this is our a lately try.I is use for the first time so simple and direct directly fill a phrase of method, and you of this kind of deduces a way also very special.Use a kind of good intentions of and take the way of some happy flavors to express a triangle romance-------I have already prepared feeling, can be deep red."
"Teacher Lin, you are too optimistic."The Ran in a soft voice smiles winter night, beautiful eyes are radiant and extremely keen, really is a seldom seen beauty.
"It isn't optimistic.It is the felling of a kind of mightiness.Some songs, before becoming available in the market, we these do musical of can know that it will can't become fad.Although our works are to do music, can we are also the audiences of wes' music first.Will the other people feel good if none of oneselfs feels good?If everyone feels this song Lang Lang fluently, so, this being popular of song is can with the expectation ground."Lin Xi put a dance hand.A face formally says.
"H'm.Hope to be such.Is it some kind of to really be good friends with good will teacher Xie Lin.Teacher Lin wants to eat what in the evening?Italian side?"
"Ha ha, need not.Literally what all can.This song came out, you hadn't sung to let leaf autumn once listen to?"Lin Xi squints Jing to say with a smile.
"Yes.I prepare------"Ran the words winter night make reference to a half, this just responds to come over, originally Lin Xi is at set her words.Chen way:"I sing my own song.Have what relation with him?Why to want to sing to let him listen to?"
"Ha ha.Good.That calculated me to drop a clanger.I apologize to you."Lin Xi roars with laughter ground to say.The but again once turns face to hard say:"Probably, you should sing to let him listen to.Probably, he will this more deeply and somely realized.His opinion, can make us do this song more perfect."
Ran Dong Ye wanted to think and ordered to nod.
Lin Xi says of to, she originally be just sang this song for the sake of the leaf autumn.The autumn of the leaf is used as one of the party concerneds, isn't likely to have no own feeling.The autumn of the leaf, I have been singing for you.
Rich brocade king looking at data of table and peeps out the smiling face of Ji Feng on the face.
"The autumn of the leaf leaf autumn, you are a small bodyguard.Unexpectedly covet a toad to eat swan meat.Eat a cake of also just, unexpectedly still so of greed, think that the feet trample two ships-
Picked up moreover a data research again, cannot help but scolding a way:"The this leaf autumn is to should be cut to pieces.The relationship with Tang Guo isn't clear, and then relates to ambiguity with Ran winter night.Hey, the greater half night ground 2 people still run to go out an appointment-----Mama of.Is this bastard how to steep Ran winter night?"
Rich brocade king lay to consider along while in sitting chair.Just definitely settle down, Ran that woman want to put first winter night.Fix Tang Guo first is a proper business son.
Tang Guo, owns the whole Tang Guo whom the Tang compensates to marry temptation dint is undoubtedly a little bit larger to his ground.
Took a look form.Leave of getting off work time to remain half for hour.
Rich brocade king pickeds up a few data of table, the station started big business section.The big business section is frequently responsible for employee to test of text member to his ground in advance left to consider as don't see generally.Rich brocade king ground background who not clear?Even manager all to his guest polite spirit of, would the simpleton run to give offense to him.
Rich brocade king arrives at the 13th floor father ground the office , after the doorway knocked to knock on door, then and directly rushed into.
Unexpectedly father there is guest in the office and see rich brocade king come in, that inside year man says:"Wang Dong is first busy, I occupied and then left first."

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