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"Which?Eating stem to put on was clean and then turned over a face not to recognize a debt BE?I am Sung parable."Spread a voice that woman cuts up rough in words tube.
The autumn of the leaf is surprised along while, she how can thinks of to from have already made a phone call?
Listen to her meaning in the words"a" pregnant?Want to seek oneself to be responsible for?
"Occupy?"The autumn of the leaf is constrained to keep her head.Ask a way.Is afraid that Sung guest speech speaks what too the Chu stimulate of news.The autumn of the leaf beats steer device rightwards and depended car in the wayside to stop down.
"Can having no the matter not seek you?"Sung parable sees appearance is one belly wrath to the leaf autumn.Talk little bits also all Don't mention it.Say:"It is my elder sister to make me make a phone call to remind you.Guo Jia's person came into play again.Like, you play by ear by yourself.""…Elder sister, you are really also of.His living has what relation with us, he when once took care of us again of living"…Mao Pa!"
Sung parable's last words obviously be not say to oneself of, seem Sung Zhou book still at she is nearby.
She why not from have already made a phone call?Is it happened that to make the younger sister beat this to give warning a telephone?
Think of Sung parable's words, the leaf autumn in the mind is still really a bit sorry and ashamed.
BE be not, from have been too heartless some?
Sister in Sung house ……
Is alas, one regiment snarled hemp.
When the autumn of the leaf dialed Chen Mo Nong's cellular phone, bell ring ring some times, just be connected.
"Go to bed?"The autumn of the leaf spoils of ask a way, think of Chen Mo Nong to be dressed in a silk nightgown huge lazily lie on the appearance of bosom, leaf the autumn feel that the body has quick temper to flee upward.
"H'm.Today is a bit tired, sleep a little bit early."Chen Mo Nong's voice light and softly says and also takes to have the yawn voice to sleep shortage and glue of, continuing of, let leaf the in the mind concuss for autumn slow rise one and other Lian Fu.
This woman is really a bewitching female.
"Recently as far as possible little go out.Enters into to also want to notice at ordinary times.Still have the uncle the aunt"…
Had better nearby also find job for bodyguard at them."The autumn of the leaf really cant not bear to break fine atmosphere with the topic like this.But this matter is again very and important, have to speak.
"Was not what matter?"Chen Mo Nong was immediately vigilant, the leaf autumn heard the voice that she sits.
"Guo Jia seems and comes into play, I am afraid they will do what to you disadvantageous of matter son.I will go a Su Hang in the near future"…still really have some to miss you."The autumn of the leaf says with a smile.
""…" Chen Mo Nong is silent don't talk.To Chu leaf autumn of this kind of**vindicate, her in the mind is very happy.But don't know should use what kind of way return should.
"How don't talk?Don't welcome?"The autumn of the leaf intentionally makes fun to say.He understands Wan Mo thick temperament, think from the her mouth in hear, I love you"miss you, this kind of young man was easy to read and then slipped away out of three Yus through, than ascend heaven still difficult.
"My daddy also often reads Dao you, say to make you come over to accompany him to drink."Chen Mo Nong's voice deep and lowly says.
The autumn of the leaf lightly smiles here.
This woman, return be really cleverness.
"Protect good oneself.Don't make oneself be subjected to some injury."The autumn of the leaf gives repeated advice to say.
"H'm.My meeting of."Chen Mo Nong the full face sweetly nod over there.At from already of room inside, there is again no another person, feelings of her need not intentional dissimulation she.
Think of from have already noded like this, the leaf autumn can't see, either over there, not from get the wry smile get up.
Unexpectedly from have already also do so silly action.
The woman being in love, the intelligence quotient will descend to zero.
Previous Chen Mo Nong doesn't believe words like this, but now she not from must be some to believe.
Confused Tian crumple to cover with to spread in the long hair on the purple nightgown, thinking of Chen Mo Nong's misgiving, if is more and more stupid like this how can do?
"You not only only is from already.Or mine."Saying of leaf autumn violent in action.
Hanged up a telephone of leaf autumn, Chen Mo Nong cast away a cellular phone bed up, then the whole individual kept so to straightly lie up.
"You aren't only only own, still mine."Turn over to reply in brain go to of ring out this sentence, is like this voice the deep place is from the mind send out come of general, the whole bodies are all filled by this sentence of very full, have no the place can escape.

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