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2 people dozen ground the difficult solution is difficult to divide.First half field leaf the autumn triangle refract a step to match with two heavy strength the son lord offend and be greedy for wolf to at every step defend.Empress the half time be greedy for wolf to explode a bone to add a too smallest ground step lord to offend, the leaf autumn wards off with all strength.
All of the whole assembly halls are the bones of cards Pa to burst voice and gold iron of the Mao to bump a shot voice, that is the leaf autumn and send out while being greedy for wolf bone to bump shot of voice ring.
The Teng moves to rise and fall, carriage 100001000.The two greatest superiors let go one Bo and continuously appear of strange recruit beautiful move to let people are at present a bright, unbearable the shot case shout bravo.But the breathtaking incitement but again fighting make people have a boiling passion, even none of atmospheres dares.Fear oneself breathes of horselaugh influenced a game of keep on.
River Yan is purple to looking at in the on the stage and is greedy for the wolf spreads to the wartime figure Xiao self-composed, look in the eyes fanaticism, still full is an autumn of the leaf who is generous to smile an idea on the face, eye inside strange burst of color repeatedly.
", Is this your real real strenght?Leaf's spare time leaf's spare time, not the Kui is Wang Shi's-------You exactly is how two personality space entirely different persons all guidance of thus excellent?20 year ago natural endowments remarkable talent, drive praise as a Yan city the man of first odd fellow because the disciple resents to die other place, a sword shakes up China clouds and mist in the city, helpless leave a city of you the certain heart is unwilling?Now, he took your old grudge back."
"So doesn't the ghost teacher talk?All say that he is the man who has artistic talent most after you to hibernate a Yan city for 20 years, just for the sake of commitment?These two big one three small devils, exactly what is what to scheme ?"
Looking at review committee at table facial expression to compulsorily keep cool and self-composed Yan pleasant breeze, the river Yan purple in the mind suddenly produced one viewpoint of silk wretchedness.
Who know, the life owns an enemy like this, exactly lucky?Is or misery?
Is stirring!
Very four words image geography permits a leaf the feeling at the moment for autumn.Be like ate a ginseng fruit general, the whole body each pore is all at ease.
No matter is a previous crary attack, still current passive defend, the leaf autumns all have no to the slightest fear to an idea, on the contrary the in the mind has a strong desire.
Is a little bit stronger.Again a little bit strong.
Only so, game just more of intense emotion four overflow.And leaf the autumn understand a truth, the child gets sick once each time, then will grow up once.A martial arts superior, also spend a heavy insurance pass, the artistic skill then will promote once.This is the true war to since then protect expensive experience, the Kui treasure in the whole life, and in brief of the recruit type become great difference.
Being greedy for the wolf is a superior, a the Cui does out from the blood fire of superior.
The simple and direct effective attack method presses forward with indomitable will with the biggest way wound enemy's body while passing to recruit, oneself is even if subjected to some slight wounds also regardless the sacrifice, more of time even would like to also with life Bo life.
Isn't afraid the opponent of the dead, be real fearfulness of opponent.It is also the opponent that is very difficult to tie up.On being stained with to have got, then deathless endlessly.
This is some, he is like very much with small white.
Chien is simple list the ground isn't afraid to die three words, reality medium truely can make of can have several people?
The leaf once sees autumn many people, the superior who met didn't know any several, the person who directly once exchanged blows is also next 100 people not.But, can in leaf's autumn heart in be called the person of not afraid dead only have two halfs.One is a small white.
1 are greedy for wolf.
The bedlamite calculates half.
Even if even autumn he or she of leaf, he is also very to afraid of death.While fighting will as far as possible of protection good oneself is free from injury.And, is meeting to be greedy for wolf to perish together or the recruit type of nobody wins, will return to withdraw as far as possible, don't want to make oneself be subjected to the slightest injury.
He has been all clearly knowing, oneself ground the opponent is a Yan pleasant breeze, not be greedy for wolf or fifth troops other persons.

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