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If he beating the ground is a good idea, anyway and the Human body body of fifth troops carries on the shoulder shot to beat ability is abnormal, and have the gene medicine to can in a twinkling repair body damaged function to help, 2 people get hurt at the same time, dragging along can also drag along leaf autumn dead.
Card Pa!
BE attackstoning of was greedy for a frailty to happen to wolf body suddenly to ring, the leaf autumn just and carefully watched out for of time, after carry on the back to suddenly spread to come over a burst of ache, spirit the blood is endlessly vacillating, stumble forward ground run several step, very long just give°ed the disgusted flavor in the body to keep on pressing.
What is the row son?
Oneself clearly tied up the hands of being greedy for the wolf, the double feet had been being placed in as well own tight firmly stand by under, as long as he has a little bit a changes, oneself can immediately deliver to recruit an attack.
Does own empress carry on the back and how can get hurt?
Looking at the hands of being greedy for the wolf, the leaf autumn in the mind inwardly cuts and polishes.
"What recruit type is this ?"
"It is strange.Completely disobeyed the person's body structure principle-----How may his arm carry on the back after descending directly wore from the rib?"
"Today one war, be really greatly open new vista.Captain knows what recruit type this is?"
The autumn of the leaf is a body in the bureau, and the positive heart has no a side side Yuan ground with be greedy for wolf combat.Didn't know to take place naturally what circumstance.
Audience of watching from the sidelines but see a ground of clear.
The right hand that is greedy for wolf throws a fist to hit toward the chin in leaf autumn, when the left hand,such as knife, slices toward the left rib in leaf autumn left hand drive leaf an of autumn record elbow shot to hold up, don't can be stained with body of leaf autumn.
But the left hand didn't give up, the body that is greedy for wolf was tiny to leftist elements, the whole left arm as far as possible ex- stretch, be like don't have backbone a ground of earthworm, unexpectedly stretched an empress of leaf autumn to carry on the back, the part that open greatly in that Buddhism to clapped one Zhang.If not that the leaf autumn changes too quick, afraid is that this Hao is defenseless sneak attack have already clapped leaf autumn into severely wounded.
Be greedy for wolf once the mouth smile, know naturally leaf for autumn the eyebrows is lightly wrinkly to be just thinking what.
Be used as opponent, he has no necessity ownly and extremely recruit is like a report vegetables the report come out.That is the general simpleton behavior.
What fifth troops believes in is a steel bush rule.The weak at the mercy of the strong wins existence.
The affairs that he wants to do only has 1:Win victory.Constantly obtain victory.
When the victory is enough many, the eminent contribution on his body is then enough dazzling.
And, be greedy for wolf to enjoy a game like this.
Can the person whom own real real strenght forces out, in front this is too much youngly some the head of a guy is still 20 in the last yearses is a .
The hero is lonesome, opponent to beg.He only uses all learn to express to the joy that meets a leaf for autumn and young to this but the artistic talent is horizontal to overflow of the esteem of opponent.
Yes, the leaf autumn is his opponent.Real opponent.It no longer is similar to the past, play the game that the child plays house.
Didn't fight me to rather die!
Should only do you have weirder step?
The frog of spring eye sits a well view for sky.
Be greedy for a wolf double eyes circle Zheng, whole body of skeleton again the Pa Pa make ring, face up war the idea is towering.The double feet quickly move by the form of small ground step, front temple two, empress temple four, enter four to back a, dark matched too very the weird step of the Shu of yin and yang to make out.
Too smallest ground step.Again call pack Ling Po to tread too very.Is a martial arts remarkable talent that delves into too very for few decades from too very the inside realization come out of a footwork.
Be greedy for the leg of wolf with take out breeze, the person also becomes a ground of aery.Is previous because his thick crazy image, everyone mistakes him for the gravity type of a honest and sincere and arrogant type attack opponent.But when he starts to make soft strength of time, the but again is rated as generation everyone.
Change to make into to be greedy for a wolf lord to offend this time.

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