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Is always cultured to cool-headedly be greedy for wolf to suddenly roar loud, the hands clench fist, the body Mao Pa Mao Pa makes to ring, this isn't a variation evolution after taking medicine, but use a kind of effort**be subjected to with skeleton too strong of negative the gravity arouse of nature reaction.The whole individual who is greedy for wolf is to suddenly soar a turn of sort, leg the long feet are long, even fist also big some.
Certainly, these are just appearances.
If a person fixs in order to arrive certain territory ground, even if I am five short shapes, can also give people the Wei shore to have no felling that high mountain admires greatly.
Explode a bone?
Finally move a true space of?
The corner of mouth of leaf autumn is tiny to start to raise, one face expectation ground the attack that wait for being greedy for wolf.
Explode a bone, withdraw the strength of the bone in a twinkling, then convert into direct attack dint to use.This belongs to a kind of defending of type Chi Kung of cloth Shan that is horizontal to do exercises in gymnastics man, cover iron with gold steel to compare, a bit similar on the principle.It is all caused the strength of bone by the spirit of the external world, but explode a bone but belong to offend to defend integral whole, can defend, and Be over-emphasized to aggression.Certainly, also the highest to person's request in the aspects of practicing.
The superior being general can not bear with to use this kind of effort at all of ache feeling.Body ground durable degree not Gao or joints the small top-class superior can not use, either.
Person of so can fight to sign and can run about, mostly the joints props up.A person's strength size woulds rather say to be doing a bone than say to is to do dint.
A person's skeleton more and more strong and tough burliness, so the one punch flicks out of strength also more big.But flesh belong to fear to help sex ground attack tool and on the contrary have small scope ground to the injury of character to ease to the skeleton to some extent and bar function.
Be greedy for wolf to belong to the best of fifth troops.Even if is mercenary soldier field in the world or underground cutthroat organization, in regard to his real strenght.Also at last can with the person of row ground last number.His skeleton belongs to a little bit rarely a monkey type, is also a thick but well-balanced type.Oneself of the real strenght is violent, can endure patiently of pain and sufferings for bursting bone.But the fifth troops be again built up with bio-chemical squad ground target, the member of team take a gene medicine with eat a bean, he wants to strengthen**the acceptance ability of the aspect.It is also easy to accomplish.
Burst this kind of to originally belong to a thou just China the effort of the martial arts how can appear at fifth troops?
Refuse now, foot's hasing no one can use to regularly explode a bone in hundreds of years?
Was greedy for the attack method of wolf to change, the boxing Be no longer soft medium to take a key link.But is an one punch to tee off and take the voice of breeze thunder unclearly.
That double of right boxing that once used to explode a bone behind looks to also really frighten a person, the skin ground color becomes fire to burn generally thin purple red, and frivolous like paper.Person whom joints Gao highland is convex to rise, is like a drive peel after, still hold whole fists that constitute to°from the bone just fight generally.
Let people can not imagine to go on a tour a drama an inside ground dry skeleton soldier.
Certainly, leaf the autumn is at present of the dry skeleton soldier can't be like a game inside is so broken up.One knife is broken up.Also belong to a dry skeleton to get Class ground BOSS generally at least.The ordinary people are to make erratic.The demand set brigade just becomes.
The fist turns an eye namely to, the leaf autumn no longer gives to greatly run to hard answer.The body uses three feet to refract a step to three times change in a row.End again fell back to order at first.Prepare to button up the time of his arm wrist from side but aggression, being greedy for a feet of wolf has already kicked to come over.
The autumn of the leaf has to again avoid being seen.
His speed is quicker than to be greedy for wolf.But be greedy for wolf, numerous combat backlogs get up of the confidence of battle experience and general situation view is bier long odds than a leaf autumn.The autumn of the leaf has been wanting to lure to be greedy for wolf to get into his/her own rhythm with own rapid degree, being greedy for wolf isn't willing to fall into trap.

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