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The firewood the abyss of time is in the game mix like a date, is a hatchet man with him always sharp and careful, early the left Tu that little each directions and many people of others of machine son record in the brain, is a government right blunt, slippery if loach devote one's mind person's many places to drill.
The person who makes track for here is crowded to do one regiment, there escape of the person is like fish let into water, just on winking effort on the tip of doorway, jilt many hooligan after brain, regardless of body ascend various place knife wound, if Pian surprised Hong, the hand and foot quickly ascended a smoke of car to walk.
The hooligans also ride a motorcycle, a Nu calls:"Dare with me compare a car soon?Absolutely is seek dead!"
Liao learns a soldier to stop their way:"Calculating is always making track for, let him take whole body wound to seek Mo Tai report the letter is also good, everyone should why why go, tonight ascend me affirmative squeeze that boy to take point to help calm nerves a fee to come out."
The game room owner hides the ghost ghost Chong Chong at the back of the counter to make a phone call, seeing the appearance is to want to report to the police, a few hooligan Tu past, confiscated a telephone first, then extort a protection fee Chong to do pin money.
Liao learns a soldier to clap the shoulder of closing Mu cloud, "originally want to revenge for you today, however wasn't that careful to make him give to run, walked, everyone drinks together, the leaf small white pays."
"Roll!The Lao Tze body has no little money."The leaf small white puts to want money to have no and desperately have a power.
The younger brother Ji of the cross-eye dark station comes out a way:"Each eldest brother, each eldest brother, I invite the coco magnolia that you go to month pool road, that store opened very early."It is public on listenning to meat can kill, immediately across to get on the car the son dynasty month pool a road direction to drive fast.
"You go first, I have some a small matter to do."Old Liao sought small white of leaf to borrow several hundreds of, slowly stroll an an alley, find out a facing the street of gruel store.Many clocks at 4:00 p.m., the store inside is very desolate, he has no other guests and hasn't eaten thing from last night to now, besides which, early hungry bad must not go, let the owner cook a bowl of Xian Shan gruel, a person sits in the corner to wait for.
Led after five minutes, waited until Mo always the telephone of Tai.
Sounding the other party wrath is blunt sky of, the voice early loses the dispassion in normal times:"Liao learns a soldier, you is this what mean?It is hasty to make my Mo Jia Bi coming to a bad the fruit you to eat."
", Know that you have to say words, I wait you to the blessing Kang gruel store of north about 1,000 meters at doorway in the school."
"Being lazy must manage you, I still need to have a class."
"If I give your last opportunity, if not come and get hurt of not only is a firewood the abyss of time."
Mo the Tai always finally scolded sentence language:"Niang of, you this what attitude?The pike is many contuse my attendant hasn't pursued you of responsibility, wait, I is right away, don't beat what idea."Know the father learns a soldier to have to be afraid of to Liao, doesn't dare to tell him old man's house this sudden condition and hated to accept line.
"Waiting you is so long, is look for help to go to.Thousand Jias follow of childe Ye, under charge ability the person is many.Want to eat what things I please take care of."Old Liao says with smile.
"Since departure what hypocritically, your Xu strives for to contuse firewood the abyss of time, how to calculate this Zhang?"Mo Tai always puts to send a punitive expedition clearly of power, draw back a chair Malaysia gold knife to sit down, cold a Zhe person's cold idea for looking at old Liao, livinging without basis, although is a Mo Lao Wu raffish son, often the year ear dyes eyes Ru, this vehemence is still certain.
Liao learns soldier to recruit to the owner:"The coming to a bowl of lentil gruel eliminates fire for this person and takes two tea eggs for me again."
"My father's once warning me don't provoke you as far as possible, however since was stepped top of head to come up, I ain't the coward that lets people to beat to curse either, Liao learns a soldier, you exactly want to play what cheap trick keep saying.Do this kind of matter for the sake of a women, you can really enough lose face."Mo Tai naturally always thinks that he is for battling out Mu to permit ice rain or Su ice cloud to just take he or she to belong to a demonstration.
Liao learns a soldier Hey Hey sneer:"Front segment time the firewood the abyss of time assaulted in the evening my student pass Mu cloud, it is said that is your to direct, this is it a, it two, you just went out soon last night, I suffered a stranger to shoot,

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