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Right away then a student of sharp-eyed learned Liao a soldier to recognize out, "teacher Li, he is two classes of two years form masters, seem Xing Liao.They still turned on water just with our class to unwillingly kick a draw last time, this form master in fact and completely was a false fan, which was your opponent!"
Old Liao can according to sparse feel beauty cheer section of Li Xing Hua is also an inflation towards ownly eying, vanity.
Finish listenning to these, remaining Wei ocean again knows well to add the career of inquiring the last time friendly game and inwardly calculates:" Is a sheep that is covered with wolf skin, be that as it may, he is after all still a sheep, see to this teacher Liao's color fierce inside the Ren, just make a deceptive show of strength.Hum, you don't know I is once learned psychology of, play a mental state war with me, absolutely foolish display of skill before expert, laughably funny!"
The big stone that falls in at heart on the whole, remaining Wei ocean re-collects confidence, vision determination ground the member of team way that hope a to living Long Huo Hu:"Ha ha ha!Even if they please to famous master how again?!Also is not likely to adjust a group of sheep to teach into wolves, the classmates, wait meeting to take care of regard me as principle, developing the level at ordinary times, trophy and funds is the center of palms that could not fly us.Teacher already order good celebrate the carouse of achievement in the evening, don't give us shameful, know."
Three years a class of member of team round into 1 turn right away, together the voice threatens"31 classes necessarily win!", The vehemence is like Hong.This atmosphere was in a twinkling infected the classmates of field external appearance war, the momentary acclaim jumps like sparrows and bursts into thunderous applause.
Frighten?!Dare not to put me in the eye!Liao's learning a soldier cannoted see, decided to put out the power and prestige of opponent.
"Leaf jade tiger, you attach an ear to come over."
"This false coach makes what airplane!"Helpless old Liao nominally still the bishop do, the leaf jade tiger has to shine on to do, however the face up exerts is disdain of color.
Liao learns a soldier"such and such" ground of give an account some kind of, the leaf jade tiger listens to also receive the member of team to round into circle, the center of palm folds the back of the hand and together shouts a way:"31 classes lose to settle!22 classes necessarily win!"
Yu Wei Yang thinks that the opponent whispers will make what brilliant strategy, don't think to is a thus trivial bearing, really want to hold the belly cachinnation, heart way:"Do you think that football is to depend to shout something to win?See to this teacher Liao Be just 205, die a class to go together with a weak-minded form master, also at last pursue studies schools to economize precious teachers strength, the leaderships are this time finally wise a……Hey Hey, etc. will see how I make you facial to sweep floor."
Liao learns a soldier still and remembers for three years a class of campus queen class beauty Li Xing Hua, a burst of search, but impressively discover big beauty in the just across the street crowd of people of Li Xing Hua is incredibly and still observing himself/herself, that shows eyes like look forward fervently a sort charming.
Old Liao sees a ground of soul not to guard to give up, Cun way:"Only beat to order gauge today, connect campus queen to my in different light, see, the Buddha wants a gold to pack a person to want dress to pack this words and say really to, steep a girl to return beard to make face engineering.President Xiang is dressed in an ultra conservative old man so and steep and get a girl just strange, see to must chase the insight of today and teach to him, again knock one is 5,000, 10,000 movable budgets.
Think draw out a smoke Dao plays in the mouth cool, Li Qian of the one side sees a form quickly take out lighter by quickest speed, just important point up, the Mu permitted blue fall a captured old Liao's smoke, "teacher, chairman's on the stage leaderships was all lookinging at, the your attention ordered influence."Then white one eye Li Qian, then elephant the female secretary is similar and Li Qian Yi is left a right stand together to learn a soldier at Liao.
"Li Qian, you why order smoke for me."Old Liao reprimands angrily to a way.
"The soldier, elder brother Bing, isn't that you want …… , is me not to, the nobody says that the cigarette fills into a mouth to spark."
Allow board director Lin of iron, president and each section representative director, each grade director, and big strange Chiu waits to all one by one in order sit chairman's on the stage, finals, always the leaderships addresses of essential place.

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