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Liao's learning a soldier doesn't decline as well, pure settle voice, way:"Li Qian didn't speak the military tactics that I in advance give an account wrong on the whole, you shone on to make, he says of kick and then go well for me!I finished saying."
Li Qian quickly answered a sentence:"Liao's coach's talking is indeed as expected consise and comprehensive, something to think deeply about.Everyone applauses!"
Rings out is sparse to fall of applause.
"Like, set out!"Liao learns a soldier's big hand a flick.
Three years a class of football team arrives a ground first.They wear blue blouse, white socks, just and not and tightly and not and slowly do to warm up an activity, the confident waiting of the member of team wears opponent.
Field side a looks culturedly little fellow man, the hands ratio rows to finish explaining in detail military tactics for the member of team.
Take the player of captain armband to say to the later on:"Wait a meeting you much match with with bear dollar and avoid meaninglessly getting hurt, the killing of careful other party harms military tactics."
", You stop worrying, teacher Li, you know to protect youself and take less ball as far as possible and went."That person is exactly a class of three years He Xin.
Be called that the person who is Li He Xin then claims to be the athletics teacher of tallest football level in the tulip high school, he call remaining Wei ocean, once took part in a formal football coach member training class, it is said that still have a certificate of that kind of, hence the carriage was rather high, saw other class ball teams in our school such as have no thing, what he leads won a champion a class of football team passed to cut all the way for three years will, with on the average each enter three balls, don't lose an extremely good the result easily kill into finals, with repeatedly explode cold big black two classes of football team situations of Ma Er Nians, certanly will become a current game of biggest of a little bit bright.Although most people all think 2 classes: two years have no probably a black exactly, those are still expected 2 classes by 31 classes of classes for eliminating can give to pay for two years Gao Gao at up of win a champion to teach at 1:00, which afraid enter they a ball also good, remaining Wei ocean don't want to show these people joke, this competes, he not only needs to lead a brigade to take down opponent, but also needs to win beautiful, fight for a perfect result.
Yu Wei Yang wants to think, could not help smiling and finished smiling to sighed tone again, way:"These two years how to still don't come 2 classes?Exactly sell what crisis."
"Came, had been already come!"A very fat student shouts a way.
But see one wear sunglasses, the man of in western dress and leather shoes, the heroic bearing is direct and simple, escorted by the students, a group of persons vastly and mightily head for a football field.
"Li Qian, this body clothes aren't bad."
"To to to, absolutely is to is elder brother Bing, , teacher Bing, soldier's coach you measure a body to create of, there are also this tie and this sunglasses, let your every act and move dumping myriad living things."
In addition to pants, Liao learns a soldier all of the getup today are what Li Qian shows filial obedience to sponsors, if he wears in the morning of is this body, can't have so many hostile opinions as well as appear Liao who spread the world to learn the big strange story of soldier and Chiu.
Liao learns a soldier to order and says:"Wait I to deliver wages, give you money again."
"Elder brother Bing joked.For example Ma Chi Tu, does it put in the Cao and hold there not just reckless waste of grain, should be give to close two Yes the hero person like this rides.While holding a red rabbit horse to the pass feather, the Cao once confiscated money, my generation is to like to study Cao male of bring romance to happy ending."
"Ha ha, you can can really pull."Old Liao is dark great:Compare me to close two Yes ……Hey Hey, on the mafia which head the head don't get a dynasty, I kowtow, this boy slips away a set per set that the beard claps a horse of, not under its football level, is a remarkable talent.
There remaining Wei ocean sees form mumbling to oneself way:"See this power ……might they it not be invited the coach of occupation brigade?"
That man takes off sunglasses and also sees toward him at this time, remaining Wei ocean just a connect to recruit how anticipate the other party vision like electricity, come in contact with that taste Yuan if the knife generally has if is substantial, make his dime namely Kui, only have inwardly timid.

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