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"Feed, your stem what?"Old Liao shadowily sleeps eye Zheng old circle BE:"That set television is a baby, let go of quickly!"
The Mu permits blue fall to pull him to say:"Teacher, has never seen us is repairing?I have already made a phone call to the furniture store and the market, they are very quick and then will deliver new furniture."
"I ……I said how much time, I have no money!Still have, changed a furniture to change, beat on the floor what hole?The down stairs will protest against."
The Mu permits blue fall to say with smile:"Teacher unimportant piece, I is rich in card, pack to repair house have been all right already.They at inset wood floor, go under still need to brush wall, renovate a kitchen.Is at least wanting to spend a ."
"What, you how late say, I a little preparation all has no, if in the evening haven't repaired well, we arrive where sleep?"
"Sir gives way."The worker tore down his bed to lift out.
Liao learns a soldier to run to the veranda, the person who see move a sofa in times before has already come out front door and throws the sofa to a truck of doorway.
Half after the hour in addition to a few clothes, the room has already been moved completely and connect electric light line can tear down as well.More than ten workers are orderly, one by one in order carry on a work preface.Various original material moves into an empty house of inside, someone takes tape measure one inch one inch diagraph does marking, someone takes hammer son on the wall dig slot.
A person of designer's shape betwixt directs general situation:"Feed, dig this slot to Be 30 meters of places apart from the ground to open a son, want to pack electric outlet under etc., I do a mark for you."Compared with the tape measure than, think that the suitable place took pencil drawing at him fork.
He is obviously the among these people the most busy, checked bore depth and of dozen of floor to be apart from, gave an account some kind of regulations to the worker who is responsible for this matter, and then took out a telephone to press other people to deliver the original material that he needs to come up quickly.
Liao learns a soldier not put blame on Mu to permit blue fall of being good at and making the decision piece, want to wash face into discover that the pipe line is also dismantled, 2 people descend to have breakfast.Half after the hour first, , the circuit pipings of the living room, kitchen and bedroom dig well, distribute pretty much to match regulation, close to door and Cape of there is all electric outlet in places.Construction progress amazingly fast, they are still becoming speechless of time, someone seeks two major book of red and green electric wire to walk to come in and starts covering up line, at the same time re- set out the work of pipe line is also carrying on.
Old Liao silently asks her:"Repair here to probably need how much ?I seek a friend to borrow."He still doesn't believe that the Mu permits blue fall can take is so much money.
The Mu permits blue fall one eyebrow of picking:"Do not tell you.Repair well you are ashamed to rush through me to walk behind, Hey Hey ……"
While starting work at the same time, having a meal at noon more than ten individuals have already brushed to like a wall, the color of the powder white powder white lets the indoor look brightness many.Immediately after pack pendant lamp, bracket lamp, floodlight, inset ceramic tile for kitchen and toilet, change the doorway of toilet, pack a new water- heater, spread wood floor, originally needed the work that 34 geniuses could work well, under that designer's conductor, dry get since quickly and good and furthermore the number is numerous, the experience old way matches with Hui Xia and does familiar road in the familiar door and raises the speed to most quickly.
For example spreads wood floor, play good orange red interleave first, Mo money strictly divide the line, then 34 people take electricity hammer at point of intersection up beat bore, recording of 80 even rices need totally more than 700 bores, half an hour cans make well, the same time other people aren't carefree either, brush a brushing of wall wall, pack a packing of light light, so is dry quick.
Old Liao Hun however forgot the football game that still has a yesterday because of due south postponing in the afternoon, he permitted with Mu blue fall often to the engineering of the personnel put forward opinion and suggestion and let them go toward to ownly and habitually love an aspect improvement as far as possible.
"Do you want to do the television background adornment wall?In this place, I feel more empty here and put a sofa more suitable."
The designer respects an opinion as far as possible, or so measure land, tested an adopting of window of intensity of light, the layout of space and to, the influence resulted in by passage means to adopt behind.

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