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Liao learns a soldier heart way this person still calm down on the whole and come from his idea to anticipate.River rain Xi then doesn't know to say what rubbish and comfort, now not just comfort of time, accompany anger Men, not too match oneself qualities, have to mean sad.
The Wei joss-stick Chun seeks to manager in the hotel, 2 people argue dialogue, manager in the hotel hurriedly reports to the police, don't live to compensate gift apology, but a speak of to compensate a limit always can not give satisfaction.Liao learns a soldier to really see however eye way:"Little Wei's classmate calls your father's lawyer to come over and thinks that necessarily he will initiate public prosecution to the square of responsibility according to the law."Hum, dare to show your to break a car with me is this end, wait bottom if return the words of masquerade ball, you the whole body famous brand Oman Ni must also meet with calamity.
The Wei joss-stick Chun isn't a stupid person, 1:00 deeply, cold hum a way:"I still need to rush through a party, lazy must manage you, compensates gift apology with my lawyer to go."
He runs from to corner to make a phone call:"Uncle Zhao, I small Chun, just met some dispute in the western park hotel, you can for me handle for a while?In the parking lot, H'm, H'm, the lane car gives me.……The concrete circumstance is such, you came and then knew."
The police car roars and shouts since then, a few polices have a detailed check and presented the spot circumstance one by one.Liao learns a soldier root need not worry, autumn that kind of can the superior also leave trace to wait you not to become?
The somebody's lawyer's efficiency is also high, soon arrive to, a hair to slightly have the middle age of flower white, silently to Wei joss-stick the Chun say:"Two young masters, may be have an enemy house is dealing with you, use my car first, stay to solve to me here."
Then are a heap ofs to assume air of importance a ground of diplomatic language to representative director and polices in the hotel.
Liao learns a soldier to also look for person a corner to make a phone call:" Autumn, dry get quite good.There is a fancy ball in the jade Qiong building 17th floors tonight, you can think a way to sneak into?Have no, nothing important, am I also a little bit vulgar, just annoy with rival in love Dou today, intend to tidy up her and wait I to enter dancing party to notify you for the secret password."
"Rain Xi walks, don't for the sake of these small matter vexed heart, uncle Zhao will beat to order the whole."Although suppressing is full of pent-up anger, not go into action.Have much of generosity of spirit ground to again invite a river rain Xi and uncle cousin ascended lawyer, that German the public.
The summer is however surprised to return surprised, see a Wei the joss-stick Chun eat shriveled still very comfortable of, the person is all generally this kind of to make mean mental state.
The Wei joss-stick Chun forgets not and quickly, the car wears a line in the street and says with smile:"The western service attitude in park hotel isn't good, go to the jade Yu Qiong building under etc., does that fancy ball have a lot ofly friends to all take part in, and along together the introduction gives you the understanding."
"I this recreational clothes participate in dancing party, would be not too disrespectful?"
"Being not afraid isn't afraid, fancy ball, unimportant of, can wear very literally, flat how how."At after see a mirror to took a look Liao to learn soldier and summer however:"You this body clothes are also unimportant, under etc. if someone starts to ask, can say is intentionally masquerade to experience personally first floor people to live, in 19th century Europeanly are a lot of poets of the party all such."
Liao learns a soldier to have no language:"I was originally little first floor citizen, need not have been already masqueraded."
Multiply by the 17th floors of elevators, Wei joss-stick Chun bright formal invitation, literally took a dry skeleton mask at the hallway table set.River rain Xi then with meticulous care chooses a sum to have the horny devil is especially.There are still many celebrity's heads being like also all going fetch to kuso among them, American president, British prime minister, German chancellor, all up have them the facial expression exaggeration, lifelike mask.
Liao learns soldier and summer however to see one eye:"Adopt the customs of the natives good, although isn't very disgusted ……" takes a pig eight quit a cover to put on, remains two big eyes and follows behind a Wei joss-stick Chun to walk into assembly hall together.
Is very spacious inside the field, the light color of the dark red ambiguity, four capes put a huge candle, 5610 people get together to revel, they wear the mask of each kind of program and is dressed in weird matchless clothing and take have never once seen of prop, or dance or drink alcohol, or talk that the feeling says love.

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