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be have never doubted we are in the head, is really strange the strange Zai is also.Pottery last night the virtuous Lin was lately- set up with him that drank for black super member of team and got to dark night bar to just get off and rushed out to open person tong of Hally right away he was one knife, then sailed out of the room, their more than 20 persons all what then didn't get.This kind of artistic skill in addition to elder brother Bing can also have who."
The cross-eye color with dreams all over the face:"I if have elder brother Bing the half good."
The southern city of medium another a head of in sea City, Liao learns a soldier to still hide in the toilet:"Car absolute being autumn, don't the favour lived on woman, the old elder brother sought you to do a matter."
Brigade autumn very dull innocence:"I at check car, don't seek a woman."
"Useless talk, you have been saying that the motorcycle is person's wife Zhen.Take 23 younger brothers to arrive western hotel parking lot in the park, have a license plate as the speeding of ZHS8595 SLK200, you chase a that car failed country."Old Liao isn't a classic person, start to make next make means to come nowise inferior to.
"Receive!The brigade autumn Xi laughs merrily a way:"Eldest brother, hears that you are dry to get in the tulip senior high school great, introduce for me how many virgins?"
"Mama forces!Don't ask for me, I am bestly a world teacher, arrive a kid park to seek!Wait you not to be going to race car, playing a Leng for me the head is green."
Brigade autumn hesitation way:"Is the southern city of fee childe's under charge cartful Wang Liu mutually male invite I, always must do one the honor?"
"Is mutually male?That legendary back carry mountain visitor on that legendary back's back?"Liao learns a soldier to feel he or she foolish time is too long, enough arouses other people's doubting in the toilet, favour way:"The sky does misdeed to still can live, bringing disaster to self can not live, you never be self-abandonment, little and back carry mountain visitor on back's back mix together, come right away to do this matter for me.Still having is another ……you thus such, like this and like this ……"
"We just contest a car skill ……feed!Feed!" The autumn listen to spread in telephone of blind sound, the wry smile way shakes head.
Liao learned a soldier to wash hands, Shi Shi however come out, the hands wiped to wipe after bottom_____this is he developed since the childhood of not civilization habit, fell joss-stick Chun the eyes is at the Wei in, aware of self the other party tiresome extremely, oneselfs are much elegant 1 F.
The Wei joss-stick Chun is a college of commerce industry and business to manage profession graduation, the seat greatly talks to talk especially how oneself controls under charge, make the other people gladly surrender.It is the stars for admiring to exert in river's rain Xi eyes.
"Hey doesn't say the another, I that several hundreds of subordinates which saw me don't say hello.Vomiting past Na is new since I took a post, brave Ge irregularity, dry get vivid, no man not Kua no man isn't great.Take the section staff that runs business to say, before always at north city the shallow water street drew together there the shallow water street of customer was generally an entertainment industry, sought of is all prostitute, who managed her?Being dry must have no an accomplishment, almost be dismissed, I a go to of time see him is can build of material, strongly of training, guide him the alongside the sea road is all rich man area there, result the accomplishment be make rapid progress also reviewed for the sake of the excellent employee this month, appreciate to me want to die."In fact that is the relation that he secretly uses a father to draw together customer, the alongside the sea road another rich isn't and outside also the leadership position of some company, on listenning to the childe of hundred million allied group choice board directors come to be professional diplomats in person, how much give order a face, he then the leader manner that blows into he to know that the person knows how to handle.
Liao learns a soldier to say:"Wei's classmate which company exactly handle affairs, what to allow is what post?"
Wei joss-stick Chun positive color way:"The joss-stick Ge cosmetics company marketing department sells section chief.You don't see this post small and in fact and greatly have Be, is an of vital importance post.Do these products sale quantities that come to joss-stick Ge the company for two months rise completely, also don't all not is my achievements?"
Joss-stick Ge company?This is exactly Liao to learn a soldier stem three day because of the lateness, sleeping, against the superior is dismissed of company.Sold a section to only have several ten formal labels the salesman of contract, Wei joss-stick Chun's bragging doesn't beat preliminary draft as well and increased decuple for own under charge.

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