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the profession is a language, I will teach you the phrasing rhetoric and loose a phrase to construct sentence, language organization, writing frame etc. ability of.If you would like to learn, hereafter talk literature in the Chinese language top will definitely become the an and the truely strong."
"Teacher, I ain't that meaning!I just don't think again the other people humiliate, this kind of taste I had enough of.Everybody takes me for simpleton sort to play with, I want an equal environment!I want them and consider as the person to me and see!"The summer is however hasty.
, This student is just mental state not self-confident, pass by environment of turn into, become from vulgar, one-step one step depravation.He still has spirit of enterprise and is different from the anna sort of week meekly accept humiliation at least, old Liao turns on a television and browse to grow breast a Xian body advertisement, be full of praise to the screen shape good-looking beauty, way:"You don't be excited and cautiously say the affair passes by, I am a responsible form master, affirmation will think a way for you, and the word of small belly is how to be written up."
"Being late this morning was grasped one by Chiu's director current, punished me to lift water to stand in the hallway, could not hold up to beat wet whole body as a result."The summer however speaks an affair in detail, Liao learns a soldier again annoy again funny:"Chiu is big strange also even if, how the other people are whole you, don't you even utter voices?"
The summer is however depressed:"Empress, afterwards I run to change clothes to toilet, sun beautiful Fang in Europe they run to sneer at me, don't want to write on me."
"Since so, you how not  ?Frightened BE, they will make reprisals you and stand alone you, the owners all distrust you and seek a teacher also beyond the power to care, because teacher can can take care of temporarily, beyond the power to care three years, so you have no way and had to endure patiently."
"Are you how can anyone know?"
"I once was a child psychology research expert."Useless talk, who don't celebrate the New Year little resemble Huang frivolous missing?Besides from the thou up to now, the emotion root of ordinary people is little variety, the poet of 1,000 year agos passes for spring and sad, the person after 1,000 years as usual will sigh a vital loving, anger, saddness, and happiness for the arrival but woe in autumn as well.The feeling keeps in mind the cloudy or sunny circle of moon to lack, contact also quickly a month, Liao learns a soldier to the summer however the public reason confidence of this age is very clear.
"I, I ain't a child, however the teacher says still rightly.The actual circumstance in the school be so, is to fix somebody first, if that person dare to resist and then will be arrived more vigorous revenge.If he tells the teacher's words, those 廹s temporarily can't tease him again, but will stand alone at the dignity of and just think and think, no one outside the lesson inside the lesson talks with you, no one sees your one eye, consider as air nonentity, that is the how terrible matter."The summer however and obviously thoughts of this kind of serious result, tremble with fear.
Liao learns a soldier to touch a cigarette order a , the refined Havana cigar is been flamboyant continuously for several days to show by him, Chong big head garlic, appear in public and then send, early clean, be beaten original shape once, re- become river water card cigarette of five piece per box, the summer of dynasty however swayed to sway:"Want to come to 1?"
The summer however and hurriedly shakes head:"The mother will kill mine.Teacher Liao, do you say how to become stronger, no longer be humiliated?"
"That I tally up for a while, there being quite a few growing a method can make the other people not and at present despise you, on being that the body is strong, two is a brains cleverness, three is to study a progress, here I emphasize for a while, study the good person doesn't represent him to definitely have ability, however study good always be unlikely to mix too miserably."
"Teacher Liao, I want to become strong first and be like you just and fight so, 1 beats four, they dared to ask for me."
Liao learned a soldier to contemplate a short while and said:"E, I forgot most a little bit more important, not that body strong can become a person last person, owning strong self-confident heart and unmoved either by favour or disgrace mental character is all all the roots of the successes, you are person's failure, so want to succeed, have to put oneself in a correct position first."

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