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Send to walk Tan Zi Qing, the summer however sees elder sister Tan bashful and infinite, thinking that they are in the building already the gentleness tied up Mian some kind of, heart way:"I didn't see a teacher is really a beast in human dress before, like one dog men and women."Feel to here should not stay a long while, or take leave first to calculate, had words hereafter slowly again say.
Liao learns a soldier to call he:"Summer classmate, you are muddy to say to seek do I occupy?How what didn't say to will walk?"
"Teacher …… I, I am a week Anne call I come of ……"
"Make you come to do what?Cook a meal to do laundry for me?"
The summer however led in the brain a time of formerly be bullied of scene, is a dog and then can bark wildly to him, drum foot courage, acrossed an one step in times before:"Teacher, I want to become strong!"
Liao learns hoping of soldier oddness he:"Want to become strong and then change, say to have with me what use?Eat a words plum to become superman?I feel at 1:00 this joke being not funny."
The summer however rises to get red in the face, feel hard to use a speech description clear, stand at one side the air is peculiar, eyes turn indiscriminately, the facial expression is to suppress a to steep to move bowels pull and could not pull of appearance.
"Summer classmate, if didn't in time get constipation to cure is not okay, teacher to order money you to go for a doctor."Old Liao looking at him really suffered, after all this felling is like a dialogue with a stammer person, he clearly wants and tells you a matter, but utters Chi Chi along while didn't also say clearly, he not and urgently and side of the person be also urgently dying.
The summer only one grinds teeth, takeses on the leather belt and suddenly draws back pants.
Old Liao is in distress situation, just let female kid see private parts, and had a man to let him see a body now, really a geomancy to by turn turn, retribution come of quick:"Summer however, what are you dry!Teacher's my bosom mindset matches popularize standard, if you have what special words, I return Chen You Nian to the introduction to you."
"Teacher, you see!"The summer however and determinately says.
"Hold, not just a stick is two eggs, you think that you grew three sticks six eggs, can charge exhibition?"
Summer of"is not ……" however point close by bottom Yin of lower abdomen, top the flower spend numb hemp one and seemed to write many words.
"Stick from the Xu?"Liao learned a soldier to push to push glasses:"Pull pants to cover up your small earthworm first."
Indeed as expected is a quite a few to set type, the record of writing greatly was small, had deeply is shallow, have is thick is thin, write "shameless lout""my chick chicken can hardly see" of the indignity like"I didn't grow" language, particularly stab an eye on the body.
"Can not see clearly you to have this way self-reflection, get, took a shower building to contain hot water, you washed a last, hereafter don't this hero frivol himself/herself."Liao learns a soldier to really can not guess to how can it possibly be a representative what deep content.
The summer however has the pants pulled, the whole bodies are shivering, in the eye socket is suppress and excessively present and appear of blank:"This, this isn't what I write, what sun beautiful Fang in Europe, they write up, used special ink, at least would not° until a week wash out."
Liao learns a soldier greatly in order to don't understand, feel that the student's circumstance isn't so simple unclearly, they in have already discriminated against to bully a competition, it isn't surprised to can't be like surface so great waves:"Sit, have what matter cautiously say know."
Old Liao feels summer however the heart embeds a story, but he can't comfort other people, 2 people,such as foolish person, sits down and leads very long, he thinks he finally still the teacher of the other party, has the responsibility guide the sketch to head for a good direction, short cut:"Always big masters, have what want to say of visit to say goodbye to suppress in mind, speak also make oneself happy."
"Teacher, I want to become strong, be not humiliated by the other people."
"Become strong?Isn't strong now?"Liao learned a soldier to understand a summer however of idea, he should is a type of person with Anne in week and belong to a class most first floor, regardless any men and women, happy appreciate his sentence good words, not happy kick two feet, his by all manners wants to get away from this kind of destiny.
Old Liao thought for a while, let to close Mu cloud to get into a mafia that because his home life is difficult, have already broken rules very much, oneself is after all a teacher, be not come to game the human life of, everybody has his/her own life, he is indeterminable the whole,

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