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"Liao's eldest brother, they how start so malicious, too nobody."Let his Fu lie prone on the bed, found out a first-aid kit to take out a bottle of black tea oil to rub to open, fingertip point, delicate estimate, in the extravasated blood of part of return crumple.
old Liao loudly appeals to the public small call, voice strange in call spirit to really make people angry, Tan Zi Qing blushed:"Liao's eldest brother, I isn't a lane pain you?"
The summer of outside living room however though being still a place is male,calculate at least the last expert , on hearing this kind of orotund, can not help floating to want to unite Pian and led a short while to pour to can not away with by himself/herself disgusted, adjust television volume greatly, once covered teacher Liao's interjection.
"Have no, have no."Liao learned a soldier to once return absolute being to say:"Is too comfortable, unbearable call come out."
The massage shoulder says all of a sudden:"Liao's eldest brother, you take a few days off to be free."Have the wound Ba that the right hand wrist break open re- tied up for him, suddenly a person became stunned to say for several minutes:"Really thank you, Liao's eldest brother."
Liao learns although the behavior in soldier is too cruel, Tan Zi Qing understand if have no him, only afraid have already been brought by Chen Yao Yang several individuals rape by turn, the end is more unbearable, to his appreciating more lead frightened, the gentlenesses lead more inhospitality.
"Still have where get hurt?"
Old Liao pointed a body, Tan Zi Qing's face just however is just tiny and red, immediately become a thoroughly cooked apple, drive the Shao Hong Kun Liao in of that records her is personally see, the old Liao crouch is on the ground she thinks that she won't can escape by sheer luck as well, feared despair at that time and thought of also now adrenaline to surge.
"This ……here?"The voice of Tan Zi Qing is thin like gnat fly, even oneself also cans not hears clearly and even lowers the head not to dare to see.
"That you go out first, I alone should be able to of."
The courage that Tan Zi Qing doesn't know where to come, immediately nervous way:"Is nothing doing, your one individual is inconvenient, I see for you, take off pants quickly."Making reference to a behind is already that the nervous successful feet are stiff, wish:"This is what Liao eldest brother just get hurt for the sake of me, not an another affair, I can't think more of, I want to devote to help him."
"Is not all right like this, I go ……" he just meant to say check in the hospital for a while like, dark scold oneself right away of pig brain, Lao Tze isn't a gentleman again, is the so good opportunity disadvantage what year used, also need to wait until He Yue?On reading into this, the slack suit makes left shoulder numbness influence to come to hand a brachial activity and lifts not to get up, "little younger sister Tan, my hand is very painful, you take off pants for me."
The summer however and ambiguously hears a "take off pants", immediately ear Shu get up, silently ran over to attach an ear at the wall, the matter of such privacy, be listen to also see than the whole day the computer, those 78100 record image to stimulate many.
Tan Zi Qing is strong to endure an abashed idea, hold breath, lightly solved trousers belt and saw blank line four Cape trousers for him.She hurriedly shuts eyes and explores to begin to pull a trousers head, the finger forbids not to live to shiver, suddenly, she holds to a soft thing, thinking of that is what, immediately frighten retract a hand.
Don't go ……really don't go, soon collapsed, the good strain was very suffered ……
Tan Zi Qing handed a facial expression town to calm down emotion, and then think:"Liao's eldest brother is to get hurt for me, I can not have that kind of the viewpoint …… take me for doctor, he is a patient good."
The pain makes a firm decision and opens eyes, the nimble-handed quick feet draw down old Liao's pants, she carries on mightiness for she of hypnotize and suggest, consider as what didn't take place generally, lightly start to knead that trifle to up and down turn over to see, the in the mind whispered:"How to differ with child so many, the appearance is pretty difficult to see."
Old Liao is on the whole the adult that sees die noodles, the self-made dint is very strong, secretly deep breathing a , don't let the small guy stood up on the spot, suppress very sufferedly.
Harm ditch place at the stomach, the iron rod Liao China Times investigates testicle, so the ache is difficult to be, can in a moment nothing important matter, old Liao was finally very painful to also think to be discarded, let go of a worry at this time at that time.

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