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"Black Long Tang sat too greatly and already to threaten our spaces."
", Black Long Tang, know, however does the somebody else have the quite a few pole the gun, we not necessarily eat nextly, elder brother Bing, you exactly want affair have been already known?"
"That you send how many surveys that get dint for a while the movements of black Long Tang's eldest brother, requite to me before tomorrow afternoon, I do a plan, unexpectatively they incredibly have a gun, you which get news?"
"The beam Zu Kun made several for the sake of the illegal drug selling defend the body to the gun, he keeps firmly in mind and lets people Tong fart eye after, the guns all stayed down.Last month and the tiger started to help conflict, the two parties still refuted intemperate, elder brother Bing, we wanted to also equip advanced weapon."
"Police isn't be vegetarian of, your hair what nerve, play well at our Vinaceous Rosefinch street all right"
"That do you just still say that black Long Tang is rose?BE not want to rob their sites?"The leaf small white feels that the eldest brother talks antilogy, however so many in the last yearses early for the habit, simultaneously eat an apple, don't think idea.
"Like, good, even if my private gratitude and grudge, you sent to find out to like news, I go to his trouble in person."
Liao learns a soldier to hang a telephone, and then wants to think, finger's staying around a key top for a long time and always don't tee off.
The pure river work comes up, according to practice the beard Zou is some kind of, say that killing while killing a chicken isn't clean, lets the chicken arrive to fly indiscriminately everywhere, make the living room is all disorderly, that pure river work one face doesn't believe, Liao learns a soldier to have to way:"In fact I am a police, just was handling a case, tuina quite a few scoundrel, you never blather, otherwise to society influence very big."
"Went, Sir, I early know that you fought with wife.The young man wants to learn to endure to let each other, you see, all over the floor blood, beat much and badly, your wife must be annoyed by you to return to natal home an inside?"
Old Liao passes a service fees way to him:"Drag along a good owner a remember to close the door for me."Finish saying the residence of returning to No.502 oneself.
Summer however and Tan Zi Qing be worry of watch television in the sofa, the cosmetics on the television advertisement who also have no hard is seeing.Summer however just got two feet aren't very important, drink a people's hot water to sit a rest bottom nothing important matter, Tan Zi Qing hasn't yet recovered from a fright and lower the head a to talk not hair.
"Teacher, you got hurt?"The summer however sees his face exhaustedly walk to come in, is not inquired by concern.
He so on calling, old Liao's pouring is more and more very painful, there is details shoulder seeming with the hip-bone all swollen get up, "nothing important matter, you don't one surprised one Zha of."
Tan Zi Qing hurriedly embraces to come over to hand him to the sofa to sit in seat of honor to ask a way well and with quiet attention:"Is very painful?Is all that bad person of Chen Yao Yang, all blame me together and tolerate him till now, he wants what I give what ……who know but brought trouble Liao's eldest brother."
"I still think that you will blame me to beat him cripple, facing the bad person is an expert hand not is soft."
"You is him well, he hereafter can't harm a person, ah, Liao's eldest brother, your first-aid kit is put where, I for you last medicine."
Mix black help of who the home didn't have a first aid first-aid kit, the turning point let his/her own much a life, are those many businesses of insurances?Liao learns a soldier to point a room:"At in."
"That good, I hand you to go in."The total place town of Tan Zi Qing quiets down.
Old Liao takes advantage of an opportunity to hang all of the bodies on Tan Zi Qing, one once takes shoulder and had intention to not intentional pendency and rocked before the chest at her, Tan Zi Qing was anxious, where want to get these details, drive old Liao's Wei the wet strange hand kneaded quite a few under also Hun if don't feel.
"Incredibly still wear brassiere ……influence hand, with my several years of underwear thief's experience, this pair brassiere must be'Alice'product, braces type, there is wood grain and lace side."
Take Tan Zi Qing to hand he goes to bed of machine, the palm follow down and kneaded a bottom:"I hated jeans!In addition to very soft one regiment touch everything not to come out."
"Liao's eldest brother, you where get hurt, show me."The soft voice of Tan Zi Qing says to him.

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