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When I wrote this title, my mood was calm and surging. Because this sentence is my best understanding and interpretation of smoking. Over the years I have been practicing such a concept, a person's cigarette is not selfish, not alone, but a civilization, a respect. Therefore, it is probably better to use these words to describe my outlook on life. Some people may ask without thinking: "How can I return a person's cigarette? " In fact, what I mean by this sentence is that smoking should be done when a person is alone. It can be said that I have a smoking history of more than ten years, but few people who really know that I can smoke are limited to my family. No one else knows that I still smoke. Why is this? Just because I never smoke in front of everyone, no matter how addicted or how eager I am, I always adhere to the principle of not smoking in front of anyone. I have persisted in this concept for more than ten years and have never broken it. Even the family members, I have not sucked in front of them. It is not intentionally to trust anything, nor to prove something. It is just one of my life rules. Smoking is a personís business, and no one can see or participate. If someone sees it, it may be a disruption to the feeling of smoking. Some people may say that there is a psychological scar, but it does not exist at all. I think smoking is a kind of feeling. It is not the simple swallowing and smog that many people say. I donít think itís a good idea at all. Smoking is a feeling, a taste, and there are endless cultures and beliefs in it. The feeling belongs to me alone, and the smoke belongs to me. If anyone sees it or smells it, it is a kind of damage to this beauty. Over the years, I have always understood this way Cigarettes For Sale. Therefore, I regard smoking as a very happy thing. In a few minutes, I can collide with cigarettes. We are talking to each other, and we have a feeling that flows between each other. It was really unspeakable beauty, and I was extremely excited whenever I thought about it. Instead of smoking in front of others, there is a deeper meaning. It is also a manifestation and disclosure of civilization. I donít like to use cigarettes as a way and way of communication Parliament Cigarettes. Many people like to pass each other a cigarette when they meet to express their friendship. Understand beauty, not to mention civilization. Several people smoking together is also a blasphemy and destruction of each other's health and civilization. At home, I always smoke when my family is not at home. If my family is present, I will choose to smoke in a corner outside and come back after smoking. This is not a troublesome thing, but a manifestation and expression of civilization Marlboro Red. Cigarettes are a culture, and this culture has a long history. If it is just for your own preferences, but disregards the feelings of others, it is an immoral manifestation. Some people will definitely say that it's because you can't smoke and there is no smoking addiction. Not that way, I am also addicted, but that kind of cigarette addiction has not defeated my reason, my reason has always prevailed. A person's cigarette is a very pleasant thing. I wonít affect anyone and be completely immersed in my own world. Isnít this the happiest thing? With the development of society, the improvement of civilization and the deepening of tobacco control, my smoking concept should be adopted and practiced by more people. How can it affect others because of smoking, how can it affect the environment because of smoking, and how can one lose civilization because of smoking? Let us all start from ourselves, from now on, be a civilized smoker. The real chic is not smoking in front of others, but smoking when you choose a person. If you do this, then we are already the most chic.
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