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Life is the most precious gift, love the one you love, treat everything tenderly, and don't resent and grieve because of misfortune. No matter how dangerous the future is, always look at everything with a smile. Because of love, we should not be afraid. ����Inscriptions The sunshine in childhood was bright and tempting Newport Cigarettes, and the evening sky reflected a piece of burning clouds. Various clouds decorated the sky extremely gorgeous. However, the night has come, and the clouds on the horizon are no longer like the bride of the sun, but the darkness on the horizon ... The night at the hospital is terrible, and the lights in the ward are bright mokingusacigarettes.com. The doctor on duty has messed up his hands and feet, and the preliminary examination results have come out. The on-duty doctor handed the examination report to her mother. She was at a loss. "How is it possible? How is it? The child is so young, how can he get a cerebral infarction?" The doctors saw that their mother was crying, and their hearts were sad. After all, the innocent childhood could only be spent on the bed. When I woke up and saw the first sight, the sick mother and the white-haired dad were in My side is guarding me. Seeing me waking up, my mother cried even more, and wanted to ask her what happened, but found that I could not speak ... Dad touched my head with tears and said: "Child, we are not afraid, as long as there is life, everything is OK Come back again. The cerebral infarction may make your life not like their ordinary people in the future, but the road ahead must be continued! Yes! As long as people have the conviction, courage and optimism to face everything, life will be everywhere There is sunshine. In the recovery stage, in order to restore the communicative ability and exercise ability. My mother taught me tirelessly. Sometimes, I have to say a word several times, dozens of times; take me to climb stairs and buy railroad tracks for two years Cheap Cigarettes. Sun insists on me walking on the street by accident, there are always a few people pointing behind him and throwing a strange look. I can't help but tremble, is I lost? Or is it sad that I overturned the miscellaneous bottles General: sour, sweet, bitter, spicy, salty, I do n��t know what it tastes like ... But with the support of my mother, the miracle of hope finally happened! Mom, you shine like sunshine into my atrium, your persistence is I The biggest wait! You said, how good it would be if you could give birth to you again! You seem to be resenting yourself and making me a sick body. Mom, I always appreciate you, you give me life. Even if you are wearing a body There are many unsatisfactory, but life is a unique and most precious gift. I am grateful, this life is your daughter, thank you can snuggle beside you, can open in your palm. Mom, unfortunately is our common destiny; happiness, But it is a more in-depth theme to embrace the sun and choose strong
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